Why is it necessary to Use a Proxy Server?
There are several reasons why many organizations and individuals use a proxy server all worldwide.

To control internet where  employees and children: Organizations and also  parents set up proxy servers to control and monitor how their employees or kids use the internet.Actually for limiting using internet and for kids safety. Most organizations don’t want you looking at specific websites on company working time, so they  configure the proxy server to deny access to specific sites of course , instead redirecting you with a nice note asking you to refrain from looking at certain  sites using  the company network.

They can also monitor and log all web requests, so even though they might not block the site, they know how much time you spend surfing on their private network.
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Privacy benefits
Individuals and organizations alike use proxy servers to browse the internet more privately. Some proxy servers will change the IP address and other identifying information the web request contains. This means the destination server doesn’t know who in fact  made the original request, which helps keeps your personal information and browsing websites with proxywebsite more private.

Improved security: Proxy servers provide certainly security benefits on top of the privacy benefits. You are able to  configure your proxy server to encrypt your web requests to keep prying eyes from reading your transactions. You can also prevent known malware sites from any access through the proxy server. Additionally, organizations can couple their proxy server with a Virtual Private Network (VPN), thats why make it easy to remote users always access the internet through the company proxy which is the insurance of the best safety.

A vpn is A VPN is a Virtual Private Network and a direct connection to the company network that companies provide to external or remote users. By using a VPN, the company able to  control and verify that their users have access to the resources (email, internal data) they need, while also providing a secure connection for the user to protect the company data from any external risks.
Get access to blocked resources
The Proxy server  such as proxy website allows users to circumvent content restrictions imposed by companies or governments so you can access to blocked resources… Learn More …………..